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I am Andrew, CEO & Founder. A globally recognised Proptech Real Estate Influencer, C-Suite Advisor, Super Connector, Analyst, Promoter & Agent for Proptech’s, with 32-years of Real Estate experience at CEO and Founder level.

Non-Executive Director nurtur.group. Founder of Proptech-X, Editor @eauknetworking, Journalist, and Cohort Mentor 2020 REACH UK. My influencer and thought leadership reach and connections are legendary. The team is myself, Ann, Adam, Ben, Zara, and eight-specialist advisors and strategic partners. From our ten original clients, six have exited, one to Zoopla, and three have have joined Accelerators obtaining over £300,000 in funding.

We have built an engaged audience of tens of thousands of people, in the analogue real estate and property technology verticals. Communicating, educating and entertaining them daily through our social platforms, publications articles and appearances. Creating over 2,500 pieces of unique, engaging content – we became their trusted voice. Being front of mind always.

After 30-years in real estate, knowing all the pain points, I spent four-years interviewing 500-proptech founders, reviewing their tech and models; realising they had market fit and zero idea of how to scale. Understanding we had the audience they needed, we put the two worlds together creating PROPTECH-PR. A Consultancy for Proptech Founders.

Branding the company as PROPTECH-PR, as a practical joke. Feeling every tech company could not articulate its service to its clients so needed PR, and knowing that PR companies had zero insight into real estate or property technology companies, as they were not from the industries, so they just blindly burnt clients cash on outward digital marketing, with diminishing returns.

Our goal is to speed the digital transformation of real estate by having a consultancy for founders, powered by Influencer marketing, (which is becoming a multi-billion-pound market). Connecting brands with our targeted, listening, audience, allowing huge scale at low cost.

Six-years on having helped over 90-clients, and made over 1,900 key connections and introductions we are consultants to some of the biggest names in global real estate, advising on sales and acquisitions, market positioning, and operations.

Our contact book is second to none, and our wisdom is sought daily. As we span two worlds acting as an advisory also for digital transformation in real estate. Having run real estate businesses in the corporate and independent sectors for three decades, at founder and CEO level, marketing 18,000 properties, I know all the pain points in the plan, build, sale/lease and management of property and the legal and financial service models in forensic detail.

I discovered after our second ever Proptech client exited for multi-millions, they needed just 25-key clients and connections to do so, but they laboured for years using the typical tools, channels and huge spends for client acquisition and C-level connections, using a lot of runway.

But all you need to do is plug into our extremely advanced business, and we will plug you directly into these key players, with our endorsement and a route map for both parties as to why they should do business, or be in the mix. Also passing our expert eye across your SME, advising and supporting your progress.

Our model is not an instant win, a smash and grab model, but probably our teams service will save you over two-years of time, costs and lots of sleepless nights. Please book a call on Calendly now.

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