PR for Proptech companies, promoting services & brands in Real Estate

Proptech is our DNA - we are Proptech

Company Overview


What we do?

Provide leading Proptech  

companies with winning PR 

 to maximise their influence

 in Proptech & Real Estate. 


How we do it?

We are Proptech Real Estate industry analysts, 

advocates, influencers, consultants, journalists,

 technical writers, editors and thought leaders. 

Proptech is in our DNA - we are Proptech.

The team has 85-years of combined Real Estate experience

 at c-suite level in corporate & privately owned enterprises. 

With commentary in The Daily Telegraph, articles in

The Negotiator, Estate Agency Today, Unissu and RICS. 

The founder is a 2020 Cohort Mentor REACH UK

Ranked #2 global Proptech influencer for Unissu.

 -  with over 35-years of networking contacts.  

Connecting the Real Estate and Proptech sector, through 

networking, media placement, collaborative insights 

and branding. Promoting clients products and services 

on a bespoke paid for personalised consultancy basis. 

Advising companies and senior professionals in both 

sectors, with key strategies to maximise enlightenment,

 growth, profitability and minimise risk.  

With a deep technical, academic and commercial knowledge

of the industry. Proptech-PR is the biggest advocate of

 both the Proptech & Real Estate transformation.  

Being the definitive, trusted  thought leader voice,

  leading the charge into the future.


Why are you so good? 

Because we only do PR for the Proptech

 Industry, we are its definitive specialists.

We changed the rules of PR

 Instead of chasing the media to endorse

 our clients. The media chases us for  

our views, insight, and commentary.  

The most trusted Influencer voice in Proptech.