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Three options to help you, please take a look:

  • A – Solutions for founders of proptechs who want to grow and exit
  • BSolutions for clients wanting to digitally transform their real-estate facing operations
  • C – Solutions for clients wanting Andrew Stanton’s influencer services and endorsement
Proptech-PR is a consultancy for Proptech Founders looking to scale and exit. I ‘Grow Proptechs’ just like yours using my influence and 100K audience, being a consultant to some of the biggest names in global real estate, advising on sales and acquisitions, market positioning, and operations.
Mentoring start-ups, scales ups and those looking to exit. We broker multi-million-pound exit deals, for people like you using our advanced network and connections. Also giving advice and connectivity to companies entering the UK or looking to enter different sectors within the proptech/realestate verticals.
An advisory led by CEO Andrew Stanton a global Proptech Real Estate Influencer & Analyst who has grown & advised over 130 Proptech companies, 12 having exited. We know all your pain points and how to scale. Our DNA is proptech and real estate. You can save up to two-years of expensive time using our services.
Over 4,100 key introductions and connections made for clients similar to you. We put together your unique strategic growth and in some cases exit roadmaps, two of our clients have exited after only using our services for six months. More than that we know who you need to know and can endorse your enterprise.
We generate nearly £1.5 million of new revenue annually for clients who are your exact profile, via our connections and network. Raising £2.1 million of funding for them, through our network of 740 HNWI, Family Offices, P/E’s, V/C’s and large market cap companies who are always looking to invest in (and acquire) the next best thing.
Our advisory gives strategic advice to stakeholders in the real estate and proptech verticals, from membership organisations to government bodies. We deal with companies that are pre-revenue to ARR of £5 million + (two of the companies we sold were pretty much pre-revenue, and it is our ability to join the dots, know the people and the tech and the need of other stakeholders that is key to putting together these type of acquisitions and sale, M/A wise we can execute on either the buy or sell side.)
The reason we hold such a high industry reputation is we have a huge amount of technical and analytical oversight gained in the past seven years by having 137 Proptech founders as clients and working 1:1 with them to scale them up. Separately meeting over 1,100 Proptech founders and critiquing over 400 of their decks.
We know how technology companies evolve, the levers to move them forward, and how to avoid the risks and delays. We list below some of our past and current clients:
Coadjute, COHO, Openbrix (Tlyfe), Inventorybase, Sprift, Vaboo, Consorto, Padoq, Moduliv, The Bunch, Compass, Street Group, Property XYZ, Residential People, Yourkeys (acquired by Zoopla for 20.1 million we had no part in that deal), Homesearch, LetsBid, InventoryHive, The Guild of Property Professionals, AskHomey, Lendlord, Mutual, Tygr-Bytz, Opticwise, Accucities, Commversion, Checkboard, Help-Me-Fix, Whitespace, YOTI, Agent & Homes, Reach UK, Satoshi Dojo, Forge AI, Revvis, Prompto, Finch, MortgageKart, Findingaplace, Lettings4U, Impressit, Property Deals Insight, Million£Homes, nurtur.accelerator, Addland, Moveready, Moverly, BillingBetter, Homebox, Housr, Nevoliving, Novvy, Offilancer, VerifyTrusted and Bricks & Logic.
There are a number of others that are commercially sensitive so are not listed, and we on the Advisory side of the business daily advise a growing number of Seniors, Chairs, CEO’s and full C-suites with unique market insight, competitor analysis and strategic executive reports that de-risk their operations and fuel growth. Plus we have close commercial/media relationships with large industry conferences like CREtech and the London Proptech Show which I hosted last year.
If you need help, connections, professional oversight, endorsement and a plan to grow, please make an appointment today and see if we are good fit for where you are in your journey.

Solution for Founders of Proptechs who want to grow and exit

Founders (clients) enter a 12-month contract with a fixed monthly fee. We waive an affiliate sales model where we would receive 20% of the first year’s revenue from each ‘sale’ of your service, we are not resellers. You pay us £0 for any clients or business opportunities that arise out of the work we do in the year.

This guarantees Founders access to me – my extensive network, and dedicated time each month; helping your growth, opening doors to key clients, and promoting you, utilising; –

  1. Influence
    IaaS – Influence as a Service – getting Founders and your company to be front of mind. I am a globally respected Proptech Realestate Influencer, my audience reach will be your audience reach. I am a Non-Executive Director Accelerator.
  2. Connections 
    Introductions – 82% of business connections come from Linkedin, access to my 21,000 audience of connections and reach. As a professional Linkedin Influencer having made over 1,200 key business introductions for our clients in the Proptech vertical, we guarantee you new opportunities.
  3. Mentoring
    Founders get my professional mentoring services, presently a Cohort Mentor for numerous Proptechs and Fintechs – including REACH UK backed by the NAR’s US$5 billion brand, No.1 global scale-up programme in real estate according to MIT Seed Rankings. I have separately, mentored over 110-founders in all verticals, including mentoring for Satoshi Block Dojo.
  4. Endorsement
    Advocacy – 1:1 within the c-suite, across social media and publications, as editor, writer and thought leader. We couple my trusted and high-level brand with your brand, shortening sales cycles. I am Founder & CEO Proptech-X, Specialist Adviser to Bruntwood Serendip Accelerator, Influencer for Unissu.
  5. Insights
    In depth sense of what is happening in your vertical – as a Proptech business analyst – that’s 40-hours of unique research a week. My micro and macro clarity saves you time, and money.
  6. Professional advice
    Personally advising Founders, utilising our deep industry knowledge – de-risking growth, suggesting strategies and giving technical advice. Having had in-depth meetings with over 500-property technology Founders over the past six years, makes me one of the wisest persons in the sector.
  7. Our publications
    Free promotion within two digital publications;-  Proptech-X and Estate Agent Networking with over 60,000 readers and followers.

Solution for clients wanting to digitally transform their real-estate facing operations

Clients enter a 12-month contract with a fixed monthly fee. This guarantees clients access to me, my resources and extensive network, and me personally giving dedicated time each month; helping you implement the changes you need, using the wisdom we provide, with a clear road map from the C-suite to the consumer. Understanding and digitally transforming real estate to your advantage; –

  • The Problem
    You lead a business that connects to the property industry, in any vertical that touches the plan, build, sale, lease or asset management of property. You might be a letting/estate agent, new home builder, financial services brokerage, a conveyancing practice or anyone who does ‘real estate’ in the 2020’s, or interfaces with these types of businesses. You are losing market share, profits are being squeezed, and your clients want to do business in a modern way. Competing, agile new businesses are appearing, making huge profits in a short period of time. It’s time to modernise, digitize, and compete, but who do you trust and where do you start?
  • Our Solution 
    We provide a proptech focused, digital transformation consultancy service. A full advisory on developing strategies, and delivery approaches which enhance your business. We partner with clients to transform their organisations, helping them adopt suitable new technology, and build enduring capabilities. By increasing revenue, leveraging opportunities, de-risking your present archaic and analogue business model, and creating efficiencies. If you're targeting growth, need to re-structure, or just trying to navigate the next five years. Our consultancy provides sound, strategic and operational advisory services to facilitate this.
  • Our Expertise
    I have front line corporate and independent real estate experience for thirty-two years, so extensive knowledge of all operations touching real estate. In the past six years, I have worked seven-days a week, looking at, advising on, and helping with the digital transformation of real estate. And what the shape of that is, with regard to how modern businesses should now look who want to thrive. Both in the UK and globally. I am now a consultant to some of the biggest names in global real estate, advising on, market positioning, and systems. In the last two years alone advising 23-corporates on their operations. These companies being based in real estate, commercial real estate, lettings, sales, mortgage lending, legal technology, new home building, commercial building, conveyancing, and fintech.

Solution for clients wanting Andrew Stanton's Influencer Services

Clients enter a 12-month contract with a fixed monthly fee. This guarantees clients access to me, my resources and extensive network, and me personally giving dedicated time each month; helping you to grow you brand, client base and credibility; –

  • The Problem
    You are a new or existing business looking to enter or scale up in a certain market place. You may be a property technology company, or a corporate body or even a large non-profit making association looking to amplify your brand, gain more clients and be front of mind. But we live in a noisy, crowded, nano-second attention grabbing digital age, where your fickle, hard to reach, target audience, demands huge cost of acquisition spends, just to get their momentary attention. Your business and service may be the top of the tree, but with no clear differentiator it could take five-expensive years to reach your target clients at scale.
  • Our Solution
    You use my Influencer Services, and save yourself four-years of time. I am a global Proptech real-estate influencer, who already has a huge, engaged audience who trusts and follows me daily. Influencer marketing will be worth 30BN by the end of 2022. In an arms race of digital spend, intelligent brands realise that if they align with ‘Influencers’ who fit with their products and services, bringing with them a huge network of loyal followers who ‘trust’ the judgement of the influencer – then adoption, and client acquisition, can be done a better, cost-effective way.

    Amanda Russell – who wrote ‘The Influencer Code’ is a topflight influencer, who explains that David Beckham might have 45M followers but if he tries to endorse for example Blockchain, his reach will be low, as he is not feted as being the top person in the know in this vertical. Amanda makes the point you can’t become an influencer overnight. Having spent six-years at the hard edge I see that intuitively I have carved a niche, where I straddle both real estate and property technology and people trust my word. She says there are four types of influencers; –

  1. Celebrity
    People known through name recognition and popularity – tick
  2. Authority
    People who influence through their role or position – being in the top 10 out of 3,400+ global Proptech Influencers and having authored numerous published articles in all verticals. Having 21,000+ engaged Linkedin connections, 85% in C-suite as my audience – tick
  3. Expertise
    36-years-in real estate, six-years researching and advocating Proptech and moving the industry forward; having met over 500-Proptech founders, with 20+ meetings a month with new Proptech companies UK and global, I know a great deal about what is going on – tick
  4. Affinity
    Those who influence through their pre-existing relationship of trust, based on personal relationships – huge tick
  • Endorsement
    Advocacy – 1:1 within the c-suite, across social media and publications, as editor, writer and thought leader. We couple my trusted and high-level brand with your brand, shortening sales cycles. Being an influencer if often about turning up the volume, it can be a tweet across my 40,000 audience, or a Linkedin post viewed by 13,000 professionals in the property vertical, or a thought leadership article, webinar or my being part of a prime-time panel discussion in front of your key audience hosted by Robert Peston.

    It can be my commentary in the Times or the Telegraph, with national readerships. It can be an article in our publication Proptech-X. But, equally as important is my Influencer reach, when the volume is dialled down at a micro-level. Just one key message to a Chair, CEO, HNWI, V/C, P/E, from my extensive contact network, could open up a huge opportunity for clients. My ability to connect is legendary.

  • Your Brand Ambassador
    Daily I am asked my views on what technologies to utilise, which companies to invest in/work with and what is happening in the real-estate/Proptech landscape. Many times these people asking for my advice are complete strangers, running multi-million dollar/pound enterprises, who trust in my insight and judgement. They make contact with me, as my day job is to keep my personal brand top of mind. Imagine if your company was aligned with that brand and within my circle of influence.

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