Influencer marketing will be worth 36BN in 2025
It’s time to boost your ROI with Andrew Stanton’s Influencer Brand

Get your business in the mix with a 100k audience

It is time that you were using the power and reach of an Influencer to grow your business and brand. Pushing out your services and messaging through an already established and warm social network of 100K followers that directly mirrors your client audience.

In an arms race of digital spend, intelligent brands are realising that if they align with ‘Influencers’ who fit with their products and services, bringing with them a huge network of loyal followers who ‘trust’ the judgement of the influencer – then adoption and client acquisition can be done in a better, cost-effective way. Remember, 82% of business introductions occur on Linkedin alone. 

Amanda Russell – who wrote ‘The Influencer Code’ is a topflight influencer, explains that David Beckham might have 45M followers but if he tries to endorse for example Blockchain, his reach will be low, as he is not feted as being the top person in the know in this vertical. Different Influencers have different follower tribes.  

Amanda makes the point you can’t become an influencer overnight. Having spent seven-years at the hard edge I see that intuitively I have carved a niche, where I straddle both real estate and property technology and people trust my word. She says there are four types of influencers –  

  1. Celebrity
    People known through name recognition and popularity – tick
  2. Authority 
    Those who influence through their role or position – I write over 1.3 million new words a year on proptech and property, I edit two publications one of which I own and having authored numerous published articles, creating an engaged audience of followers and readers in excess of 100,000 – tick
  3. Expertise
    36-years-in real estate, seven-years researching and advocating proptech and moving the industry forward; having met over 1,000 Proptech founders and critiqued over 500 decks, and with 20+ meetings a month with new proptech companies UK and global, I know a great deal about what is going on. Also advising many seniors and boards on how to de-risk or grow operations as a separate 1:1 advisory service- tick
  4. Affinity
    Those who influence through their pre-existing relationship of trust, based on personal relationships – huge tick – I have made personal introductions to in excess of 3,200 people for clients, many of which have blossomed into collaborations, business partnerships and integrations, generating annually in excess of £1.2M of new revenue for them – tick  

Luckily for our clients my strength is in all four of the above.

‘Don’t think of influencer marketing as a quick smash and grab’ – Forbes

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